Friday, October 31, 2008

Hello Viewers, Iam so happy to meet you all through this great opportunity. I whole heartedly thank our Lord JESUS CHRIST for the previledge showered upon us. Iam the President of our Ranipet chapter an Internatonal organization called LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL. This is a service organisation where we render our service to the poor, the needy. The photographs which you view is an installation function where i took charge as a PRESIDENT.
We plan our program well in advance. We execute the projects according to our plan. Certain projects we undertake in line to our present need to cater the society's well being. The photograph shows when i address the public about our future plans. I took over as a PRESIDENT on 13-07-08. Immediately after I took charge as a President of our club, we started our activities in line to our annual project planner as proposed. Our foremost service will be uplifting the under previleged people. We especially support the students to continue their studies. We concentrate all most all areas of service where we can support our community. We establish indepth survey before we do any service because, we want the benefit of our service projects to reach the right people and at right time. All our projects will have thier own value and it has a purposefull and well a meaning full project in total.We make people to smile and we always seek their smile in their faces.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Let us all commit ourselfs to serve our community, our people, our brethern because this is our socity.Let us spare our time, money and our energy to uplift our fellow people. Nothing to stop us neither the creed, caste,religion nor the colour but we should see whether they really deserve.Its our duty to serve our community. The very purpose of our presence is to be fulfilled. Let us all join to gether to serve our people. Our younger generations are most vital area where we need our foremost attention to improve thier ability. To days generation need to equip themselfs in various areas for their growth. We seek supports for youth development programmes and career and prfessional sense trainings for all our young people.

I wish to thank one and all who are so patient to spend your valuable time in viewing our page.Once again i thank you and wish you all a great success. We request all the viewers to post your valuable response to


We LIONS FAMILY of Ranipet celebrated our 61st independence day celebration with Sri Krishna Vidyalaya School children on 15th August 2008. The school children gave us a very warm welcome when we step into their school premises. Children were dressed and resembled our leaders and our freedom fighters. Many performed various cultural programmes and showed us their inbuild talents.